The Saint Gervais organ : the Couperins

Charles Couperin  (1638 - 1679)

Charles Couperin Louis Couperin's younger brother, he is one of the three characters, then twelve year old, of the serenade at Chambonnières told by Titon du Tillet.
He must have been introduced in Versailles by Louis and is mentioned in 1659 as a viol player in a ballet.
In 1661, he succeeds his elder brother at Saint Gervais organ.

Though Titon du Tillet said he was a composer, any work couldn't be identified. The historians of time report that he was an organ virtuoso. He is mentioned in a document as an officer of Duchesse d'Orléans, and he must have been very close to the Court, as shown by Claude Lefèvre's beautiful portrait exposed in Château de Versailles.

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