The Saint Gervais organ

St Gervais organ builders in the 18th century:

François-Henri Clicquot  (1732 - 1790)

Grand-son of Robert Clicquot and son of Louis-Alexandre, he inherited the french tradition from his grand-father, who worked with Enocq, and from his father (who built Houdan and Rozay-en-Brie).

When his father died, he took charge of the workshop; the reconstruction of St Gervais organ in 1758 was one of his first works. Later on, he built the huge organ at St Sulpice (64 stops) and St Nicolas-des-Champs.

Clicquot remains one of the most famous French organ builders thanks to the organs of Souvigny (1782) and Poitiers Cathedral (1790), his last masterpiece.

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