The Saint-Gervais organ

Saint Gervais organ builders in the 17th century:

Pierre Pescheur  (v.1590 - 1637 ou 1640)

Son of the organ builder Nicolas Pescheur, he was instructed by his father and also by Valeran de Héman. His name emerged with the renovation of the medieval organ of Amiens Cathedral, in 1620.

In 1628, when the church had been completed, he had to deliver the Saint Gervais organ on the new organ loft. The organ was enlarged and several innovations were provided (Cornet séparé). Then he worked on St Etienne-du-Mont, which seems to have been his last work.

He his one of the most important organ builders in the first half of the 17th century ; besides a few undamaged stops at St Gervais, only a few pipes, repaired several times, survive in St Etienne-du-Mont.

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