The Saint-Gervais organ

Saint-Gervais organ builders:

The Thierry family

Pierre Thierry (1604 - 1665)

He was apprenticed to Valeran de Héman and worked with Crespin Carlier. Then he set up on his own and worked at Notre-Dame Cathedral. His master piece was the St Germain-des-Prés organ, completed in 1661, which did not survive.
It can be assumed that the modifications made at St Gervais in 1649 then in 1659 were based upon Louis Couperin's wishes : jeu de Tierce on Positive, 3 octaves Echo keyboard , removable pedal coupler.

Alexandre Thierry (1646 ou 1647 - 1699)

Pierre Thierry's son, his reputation was established with the completion of the organ at St Séverin.
He worked at St Gervais in 1674 and in 1685, and made the organ in the disposition used by François Couperin in his organ Masses.
Other organs by him include St Louis-des-Invalides (a few stops surviving) and St Eustache (destroyed).

François Thierry (1677 - 1749)

Son of Alexandre Thierry, he won fame through the reconstruction of the organ at Notre-Dame Cathedral (1730-33).
He worked at St Gervais in 1714 and added a Trompette de Récit on François Couperin's request. This beautiful stop, later transfered by Clicquot to Echo keyboard, remains untouched.
From 1704 to 1706, François Thierry had Andreas Silbermann as an apprentice.

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