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Historical overview

1578 Completion of the choir and the transepts of the church.
1600 A new organ is ordered to Matthijs LANGHEDUL. The instrument, completed in 1601, is located in the south transept gallery. A single case, with a Montre 12', two 45 notes keyboards with short octave, placed on the rear of the case.
1621 Completion of the church and of the facade.
1628 Erection of the organ loft. The organ is delivered by Pierre PESCHEUR, with addition of a dorsal positive.
1649 New stops added by PESCHEUR (pedal, positive).
1653 Louis COUPERIN's appointment.
1659 Addition by Pierre THIERRY of 'jeu de tierce' in the Positive, an Echo keyboard (3 octaves), a pedal-coupler...
1676 Restoration by Alexandre THIERRY, with addition of a Cornet de Récit.
c 1685 François COUPERIN's official appointment (DELALANDE's interim).
1714 François THIERRY adds a Récit trumpet, and removes the echo's lower octave. Revision of a part of the mechanics.
1748 Armand-Louis COUPERIN's appointment.
1758-1768 Major reconstruction of the organ, begun by Louis BESSARD and completed by François-Henri CLICQUOT. Transformation and increase of the main case, using part of the former. Construction of a new dorsal Positive. Addition of the Bombarde keyboard, new windchests with lower Cis on manuals, new facade pipes, new reeds.
1784 Clicquot adds a Clairon in the Positive and removes the Flute 4.
1811 Restoration by Pierre-François DALLERY. Removing of plein-jeu and larigot in the Positive. On Great, addition of a 2nd trumpet, made with ancient pipes. Addition of a Flute 8 in the Positive (made with Larigot pipes), and of the Basson-clarinette.
1843 Restoration of Plein jeu in Great and Positive.
1922 Restoration without change by BEASSE. Removing of the wedge bellows system, some mechanical changes. Setting of a german pedalboard.
1924 The organ is classified Ancient memorial.
1927 Setting of an electric blower.
1949 Overhaul by Louis-Eugène ROCHESSON.
1967-1973 Restoration by Jacques BERTRAND (Ets Gonzalez). Restoration of a new plein-jeu on Great and of Larigot on Positive. All the removed stops are preserved inside the case.